About Us

A huge welcome from us, Nic and Stephanie, the curators of the Eros Festival. Thank you for popping by! Our intention for Eros Festival is to create a hub for the Sydney community to explore the breadth and depth of conscious relationships, intimacy and sexuality within a safe, sacred, expansive and celebratory setting.

We aim to provide a space where Sydney practitioners and teachers, as well as guest teachers from around the country and beyond, can showcase their gifts to the wider community. And provide explorers of this realm, just like you, a place to learn, grow and connect, no matter if you are a beginner or a more seasoned seeker.

These crucial areas of our human experience not only offer us direct access to our own personal empowerment, they provide a foundation from where we can create a deep, healthy and beautiful connection with others, thus creating a world built on love. This is the basis of our lives and it is this motivation that fuels our desire to create this world for us all! Our passion for this part of life has inspired us both to make it our work in the world in our own individual ways. To find out more about us and our work please go to www.nictovey.com and www.stephanie-curtis.com

Nic and Stephanie